4th ICMM Pan-Asia Pacific Congress On Military Medicine


Tehran, Iran

International Committee of Military Medicine
Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics of Islamic Republic of Iran
General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Welcome Message

Report of 4th ICMM Pan Asia Pacific Congress on Military Medicine

12-15 October 2018

4th Pan Asia Pacific Congress on Military Medicine, 12-15 October 2018 in Tehran By the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran in co-operation with the Army, the Revolutionary Guards, the Ministry of Defense and the Police in interaction with the International Committee on Military Medicine With the motto of the future horizon of military medicine held.
The congress was planned with a focus on the following scientific axes.

Main Topics:
1) CBRNE - Medical Countermeasures
2) Psychology and cognitive science in military community
3) Disaster and military traumatology
4) Military medicine education and international collaborations
Accessory topics
1) Aerospace and subaquatic medicine
2) Health protection and rehabilitation for the military community
3) Military Dentistry and oral health in military units
4) Military nursing care in extraordinary condition
5) Veterinary, food hygiene and nutrition for armed force
6) Military Medicine Future Studies
7) Military medical ethics for future military medicine
8) Complementary and alternative medicine for soldiers

Two executive and scientific sections were considered for holding the best congress. The executive committee included 131 people. 12 were the main members and 119 were sub-members who were added to the group at the time of the congress. The scientific committee consisted of 177 people, 12 of whom were the main members and others were reviewers of the articles.
Regarding the policies of the General Staff of the Armed Forces And policies of the Supreme Council, 54 countries were invited to participate in the Congress, among them, 32 countries participated in the congress.
IRIB International Conference Center facilities due to conferences and seminars at the international level as well as certification and quality management, was chosen as the venue for this event.
The 5-star Parsian-Azadi hotel was considered to be close to the congress venue for the foreign guest's stay.
The number of domestic registrants was 2,627, reaching 2,744 with 117 foreign guests. This was unprecedented in the history of similar ICMM Congress.
The total number of articles received was 854 abstracts from Iran and 15 from foreign countries. Among these, 324 abstracts were accepted.
Of the accepted articles, 88 titles were presented for presenting the lecture, 81 titles were presented in the electronic poster section and 155 titles in the virtual poster section. Note that the total number of judgments reached 3238 judgments.
The scientific achievements of the Congress included 11 panel lectures, 21 workshops, 2 major lectures, 12 Scientific Discussion, 3 expert meetings and a regional assembly meeting.
On the sidelines of the congress, the medical and pharmaceutical equipment exhibition was also held which provided participants with an opportunity to get acquainted with innovations in various fields of medicine and medical equipment.
In addition, the cultural section was organized to familiarize participants with the culture and civilization of Islamic Iran that includes welcome greetings, special dinner at the Milad Tower, visiting the Holy Defense Museum, Islamic Revolution, visit the nature of Darband, shopping in Tehran market and the final dinner was accompanied by a visit to the Nature Bridge.
In the following, the CBRNE maneuver was arranged in Baqiyatallah Hospital, which was directly monitored by participants and details were made available.
One of the most important parts of the congress was the holding of a regional assembly. In this forum was attended by Armenia, China, Japan, Pakistan, Russia, Thailand, Turkey and Vietnam that three countries of Armenia, Turkey and Vietnam were accepted as new members. Greece was present as observer in the meeting.  At the meeting, the current head brigadier General Dr. Hasan Araghizadeh presented a two-year plan for the Asia-Pacific Regional Task Force. Then the Russian representative, as the previous chairman, presented a brief report of the activities carried out during their presidency.
Also the creation of a working group for the mental health of the military and the presentation of a system for assessing the congress by the Islamic Republic of Iran was proposed.

Regional Assembly Reported
1) Started with the speech of the new chairman of RWG and Secretary-General of ICMM
2) Previous Chairman presented his report
3) The proposal for establishing Mental Health Working Group was presented by I.R Iran

* Establishing the Mental Health ad hoc Working Group was approved by all members. I.R Iran will temporarily chair the WG and an action plan will be prepared. The results will be presented at the next General Assembly in Basel.

4) A Congress Evaluation System designed by I.R Iran was presented

* The Congress Evaluation System was decided to be revised for more feasibility and be sent to the Heads of Delegations. The feedbacks from Member States will be sent to the Chairman of RWG within 2 months. 

5) The speech of MG Dr. Van Hoof was presented about ICRC Health Care in Danger project and cooperation of Member States with UN Medical Department
6) The next two-year plan of the RWG was presented by I.R. Iran and approved by all members

* Establishing an international committee on Military Medicine Education
* Holding a regional congress on military medical ethics
* Education course on advanced techniques in military neurosurgery
* Workshop on multi-disciplinary military trauma management
* Workshop on PTSD
* Teleconference about the future of psychology and cognitive science in military and Police medicine
* Workshop on Military and Police Psychology
* Symposium on Mental Health in Military and Police Personnel
* Workshop on CBRN 
* Workshop on research methodology in military medicine

7) Asking for volunteer Countries for holding the next Regional Assembly

* A letter will be sent by the chairman of the RWG to all Member States for determining the next host of the Regional Assembly

8) The final speech by MG Dr. Van Hoof

* Presenting gifts from the General Secretariat to the Congress organizers

In the end, the secretary general ICMM thanked of the efforts of the headquarters of the entire armed forces, especially General Staff Brigadier General Dr. Hasan Araghizadeh and his colleagues (the executive team and the scientific group), acknowledging that the fourth Asian-Pacific Congress of military medicine was very successful and unparalleled in its kind with the world congresses.