4th ICMM Pan-Asia Pacific Congress On Military Medicine


Tehran, Iran

International Committee of Military Medicine
Ministry of Defense and Armed Forces Logistics of Islamic Republic of Iran
General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Islamic Republic of Iran

Call for Abstracts


4th ICMM Pan-Asia Pacific Congress on Military Medicine
12-15 October 2018, Tehran, Iran

Abstract Submission is closed.
The Scientific Committee of the 4th ICMM Pan-Asia Pacific Congress on Military Medicine sincerely invites you to attend in the Congress and submit abstracts for oral or poster presentation during the congress.
Oral presentations will be arranged in the plenary sessions, paper presentation sessions, workshops and roundtable discussions. Workshops are places for short training programs and sharing practical tips and special experiences. The roundtable discussions will include integrating subjects in which presentations will be prepared for free discussion as coordinated by a moderator.
Posters will be electronically presented in parallel groups and will be scored by the scientific board appraising committee.
Please register before submitting your abstract and then use the following address for submission:


The Future Horizon of Military Medicine has been assigned as the main theme of the Congress and we welcome abstracts on the following topics:
Main topics
  1. Chemical, Biological, Radiological, Nuclear, and Explosives (CBRNE) - medical countermeasures
  2. Psychological health and cognitive science in military community
  3. Disaster management and military traumatology
  4. Military medicine education and international collaborations
Accessory topics
  1. Aerospace and subaquatic medicine
  2. Health protection and rehabilitation for the military community
  3. Military Dentistry and oral health in military units
  4. Military nursing care in extraordinary condition
  5. Veterinary, food hygiene and nutrition for armed force
  6. Military Medicine Future Studies
  7. Military medical ethics for future military medicine
  8. Complementary and alternative medicine for soldiers

Although abstracts within the main topics will be taken priorities, other innovative and interesting subjects related to military medicine will also be considered for reviewing (for which you should select “Others” category during submission).
Moreover, other topics such as military dentistry, complementary and alternative medicine, ergonomics and rehabilitation, aerospace and subaquatic medicine, field military epidemiology, food hygiene and nutrition will be the main concerns for the roundtable discussions and workshops.

Due to the great impact of military medicine on the global health, and since this congress aims to attract all novel and important research within the scope of military medicine, the scientific committee decided to provisionally accept recently published papers from authors based on the novelty, relevance, and applicability of the results in the paper for military medicine issues. However, the published article must be cited at the end of the abstract, and a link to the article should be provided at the time of submission. Furthermore, the author must state this issue clearly and visibly in the cover letter during the process of submission. Please be aware of the copyright of the published paper and take permission if required. To assure the terms and condition of the publication ethics please review the COPE guidelines from the following link: https://publicationethics.org/

Once the abstract submission deadline has passed, all abstracts will be blindly peer-reviewed by academic experts and the submitter will be informed of the outcome via email four to six weeks after the deadline.
Authors with accepted abstracts for oral presentation will be exempted from registration fees.

The selected abstracts will be offered to be published as full text article in a variety of scientific journals, the list of which will shortly be announced.
General guidelines:
Please read the following guidelines carefully before submitting your abstract:
➤ Only abstracts submitted via the online submission form will be sent to the Scientific Committee for review. Abstracts submitted by fax or email will not be accepted.
➤ Before you begin, please prepare the following information about all of the authors:
✳ Title (e.g. Prof., Dr., Mr., Ms., or military titles like colonel, major, etc.)
✳ Full name
✳ Affiliation
✳ Email
✳ Academic discipline
➤ Authors must fill in all the pre-formatted fields as indicated in the online submission form.
➤ All abstracts must only be submitted in English, preferably written using a word processing software, with accurate grammar and spelling of a quality suitable for publication. The accepted abstracts can be presented in English or Persian (Farsi) language (with simultaneous translation to English).
➤ The title should indicate the content of the abstract in a concise manner, preferably between 100 - 125 characters.
➤ The body of abstracts should contain a maximum of 300 words.
➤ The abstract should be constructed with clear paragraphs for background/ introduction, aim, methods, results, and conclusions.
➤ Three to five keywords should also be provided that best describe the abstract’s content.
➤ Arabic numeral should be used for all numbers except at the beginning of a sentence where they should be spelt.
➤ Abbreviations should be avoided in the text, except for accepted scientific units of measurements (SI units). Other abbreviations, if used, should be spelt out in full when first mentioned in the text.
➤ No charts, tables or pictures are allowed in the abstract.
➤ Abstracts once submitted will be open for revisions, but cannot be modified or amended after the finalization of submission. If you do not finalize your work before abstract submission deadline, the information will be deleted.
➤ After finalizing your abstract, you will receive a confirmation by email.
➤ The number of abstracts submitted per author is not limited; however, the author has to guarantee that if selected, the presentation will be made.
➤ The presenting author is requested to ensure that all co-authors are aware of the content of the abstract before submission.
➤ Please note that your preferred presentation format may not necessarily be granted, and the final judgement rests with the Scientific Committee.
➤ Authors with accepted abstracts for oral presentation are exempted from registration fees. Authors with accepted abstracts for poster presentation may only pay the registration fees at the Congress venue (Online payment is not available). For more information on this issue, please visit (Registration Information page.
➤ Submission of the abstracts constitute authors’ consent to publication (online and in print as part of the congress proceedings).
Review of Abstracts:
The main factors considered by the Scientific Committee in qualifying abstracts for acceptance are:
➤ Relevance to Military Medicine
➤ Originality of the work
➤ Clarity of idea
➤ Proper study design and methodology
➤ Applicability in Military Medicine
➤ Ethical issues and conflict of interest
➤ Level of evidence
Authors must follow publication ethics rules and implicitly recognize that the proposed documents have not been sent simultaneously to other scientific events and journals or have not been recently published under the same title or with the same content.
You can be in contact with the Congress Scientific Committee using the following email address: